Cloud Computing

Level up your services

Gain flexibility

Deploying services to the cloud creates flexibility and frees up resources at low costs. Use capacity only when it is needed, scale up in peak load phases and otherwise optimise your budget.


Design your capacity according to your actual needs instead of letting hardware run idle. Easily.


Services instead of configuration - your cloud delivers preconfigured minimal images. In seconds.


Allocate CPU and RAM instead of installing nodes - the cloud powers up your instances instantly.


Many users understand cloud services as a network drive connected to local clients synchronising data. This is just one scenario for cloud provisioning, possibilities go far beyond an 'online drive'. Clouds are server ecosystems providing capacity autonomously - computing power, storage, databases, software and applications.


How the cloud flexes its muscles.

Your company runs webservices for reaching out to customers and handling sales or e-commerce. Seasonal variation causes peak loads during high demand phases, requiring capacity. Low demand seasons produce high asset and maintenance costs as resources are running idle.

By resorting to cloud services you can meet your seasonal demands with capacity you just switch on. Transform high asset costs to low variable costs and serve your customers only when needed. Once load balancing is not necessary, securely turn off excess resources.


Paradigms have shifted.

On conventional systems an administrator selects and installs software, allocates resources, grants access rights and configures all these mechanisms.

On modern clouds the admin defines services and orchestrates the cloud itself, while the master cloud node cares about installation, database connections, staging and deployment - reducing time and costs.

Virtual Machines come preconfigured with services tailored to your needs, thus making use of CPUs more efficiently. Whenever there is demand for more resources, simply swap capacity!


Software as a Service
Together with partners of non-IT sectors we develop software in order to provide customers with new business models. Our focus is set on cloud based ERP systems for creating a full-fledged business experience. Join us!


Infrastructure as a Service
Clouds as a foundation for provisioned services. We use local clusters for development and running our business operations. Moving from classic servers to orchestrated clusters increased our speed. What about yours?


Platform as a Service.
We work with hosting partners for enabling fast and easy provisioning of development environments. We are highly cautious about our own development. Increase the security and stability of your projects too!


The agony of choice.
From Xen Virtualisation level to managing Docker or LXC containers with Juju, from Puppet to API based Google Compute Engine provisioning - we help you finding the optimal and most effective solution.