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Leonis Holding was founded in 2013 for combining the skills of specialists in their respective field. Divided in profit centres and business fields, each team adds value to the other groups by acting as an inhouse service provider. That way we manage to allocate ressources efficiently and expand opportunities for creating new complementary products, services or ventures. The name pretty much says it - our core philosophy is to enter into cooperations, find new partners and spin off specialised business units. 

Following the principle of a strict scientific approach and operating in the vanguard of technological development, we provide our clients, partners and customers with state of the art concepts and products. We consider the Small and Medium Enterprise sector as the foundation of the economy, creating the most innovative products and providing most of the jobs. That is why we empower SMEs across Europe with solutions and guidance usually just open to corporations and large enterprises.

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Business Development

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The people behind Leonis
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Christopher Semmler


Founder and CEO of Leonis. He commands the IT sector, works in Arts Management and is concerned with Business Development.

Manuel Panzl


Doing a lot of number crunching for Leonis. His skills in Finance and Controlling add great value to our operations.

Indira Uteuova

Arts Management

Working with ensembles, artists and universities, Indira provides our team with excellence. Besides, she works in Logistics.

Franz Semmler


Our leader for Logistics and all related divisions. Constantly on the move, always in contact with our clients.

Joe Fenyö

Logistics & IT

Joe is a great engineer and does a lot of concept design, reworks business processes and boosts our Logistics division.


David Willinger

System Architect

Our system architect transforms business needs to code, designs ecosystems and defines the strategy of development.

Bernhard Semmler


The newest member in our team is concerned with applications development and leading interns learning how to create code.

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